What improvements are planned?

    Stuart Park is a key tourist destination and a popular venue for a range of community events. A small stream that flows through the edge of the park near Squires Way currently makes the grassed area beyond the trees marshy and difficult to cross. Council is planning to construct an elevated boardwalk over the stream to improve both pedestrian and cycle access and into this area, whilst protecting natural habitats.

    In addition to improving access, the boardwalk will link the Squires Way shared path to the children’s playground. This will allow parents to walk or ride to the playground with their children. The boardwalk will also act as a key nexus point for future recreational shared path around Stuart Park. 

    How long will the project take and when will it start?

    The work will commence in February/March 2016 and is anticipated to take 8 weeks to construct, subject to weather conditions.

    How will I be affected?

    This is not an area of the park that currently has significant usage because of the marshy nature of the grassed area.  A small area of the park near Squires Way will be fenced off for public safety during construction.

    The work will not affect access to the Squires Way shared path. Short sections of the internal pathway that runs off Squires Way, through Stuart Park, will be closed to public access, during construction. Cyclists and pedestrians will need to use the Squires Way shared path rather than cutting through the internal path in the Park.

    Hours of construction will be 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 4:00pm Saturday. Construction works are subject to weather conditions. 

    Will the work have any impact on the children’s playground?

    The children’s playground will not be affected by the works and will remain open to the public. There will be minor works conducted on the edge of the playground to complete the footpath leading to the boardwalk.

    Once the new pathway is completed cyclists using it will be required to dismount at a dedicated dismount area on the edge of the playground. The footpath will not continue into the playground for safety reasons. 

    What else has been taken into account during the design of this project?

    Heritage issues have been considered and Council will meet all requirements to ensure the unique significance and nature of the park is maintained. 

    A Review of Environmental Factors has been prepared and the recommendations will be implemented. Two oak trees will be removed during the construction of the boardwalk. These trees will be suitably replaced, and the area will be planted out with additional trees and plants that will harmonise with the existing vegetation.

    Council has also considered safety and security of the public in the design of this project. The pathway has been designed to reduce the speed of cyclist using the boardwalk.

    Anti-social behaviour has also been considered and this has been taken into account in the design of the boardwalk, the footpath and the cycle dismounting area near the playground. Seating will also remain at strategic points near the pathways. 

    How can I comment on the planned work?

    Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on the proposed design until 16 November 2015. A feedback from is available on Council’s website, Customer Service Centre or Wollongong Library. Additionally, an intercept survey will be conducted at public events.

    If you have any concerns or questions about the planned works you can contact Council by:


    Phoning: 4227 7111.