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Sun, sand, great coffee and the iconic skydivers!

by KiaraR,

Having grown up in Wollongong, Stuart Park has been a central spot for so many memories over the years. When I was younger my parents were lifeguards, and I spent many sunny days running around the surf club, exploring the rock pools and watching the skydivers zoom in from the blue skies.

Through my school and uni years the Kiosk was a central spot to meet up for a coffee, the continental pool was the best option for sports or afternoon swims, and the park itself became a prime picnic location with the free entertainment of skydivers, savvy fitness classes and endless streams of people to watch.

Now as a professional still working and living in Wollongong, it remains a sanctuary of green grass next to a pristine beach. However each year the parking gets worse, and access to the area becomes a logistical pain. The once retro/historical buildings from my childhood are viewed as shabby, and in woeful need of repair and refurbishment. I would love to see the Surf club and Skydive building revived in the same way the pavilion was, keeping the heritage aspect but bringing some much needed love and attention into the area.

The toilets were upgraded, but somehow still seem rusty and neglected. Years of sports carnivals, festivals, morning walks, swims and bbq's have been experienced by the generations of Wollongong locals growing up here, and I think we'd all love to see some sustainable and modern solutions to the currently dilapidated facilities. Public transport to the area would greatly reduce the traffic nightmare, and some additional footpaths wouldn't go astray either.

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