Why are these improvements needed?

    Stuart Park is a key tourist destination and a popular venue for a range of community events. The area is subject to high usage particularly during the summer months. Council is seeking to improve pedestrian safety/access and to better manage the demand for parking within the park.

    What improvements are proposed?

    The proposal seeks to improve parking capacity in the area by adding parking on the western side of the access road off Cliff Road. The project will provide:
    • Additional parking.
    • A pedestrian footpath on the eastern side of the carpark.
    • Improved parking access for aged and disabled patrons.
    • Improved lighting and signage.
    • Better access to the central parking through a new T intersection. 
    • Installation of traffic calming devices to improve road safety.
    • Realignment of the existing shared use zone to improve pedestrian/cycleway safety.
    • Drainage improvements and tree planting to enhance the park. 

    How are these improvements connected to broader community planning?

    Stuart Park has ageing infrastructure that was not designed to cater for high levels of pedestrian, cycle and vehicle interaction. The Blue Mile Master Plan, endorsed in 2007, proposed some improvements for this precinct.

    There was significant community engagement conducted throughout the development of the Blue Mile Master Plan. This project supports the community desire to improve the safety and security of the streetscape and to address a shortage of parking in the area.

    What has been taken into account during the design of this improvement project?

    • Heritage and environmental concerns.
    • Community safety and security. 
    • Maximising parking availability and accessibility. 
    • Pedestrian/Cycle safety and traffic calming.
    • Retaining and enhancing existing park character – lighting, drainage and shade considerations.

    How long will the project take?

    The work will be completed as quickly as possible and will be scheduled to occur after the busy summer period from autumn through to spring during 2015 to ensure minimal disruption to community usage. 

    Will the access road be closed during the work?

    The access road will not be completely closed during the project. There will be periods of partial closure i.e. one lane will be closed to traffic with traffic control in place. Current parking on the eastern side of the access road should not be affected. 

    Will there be more parking once the work is completed?

    Yes there will 50 additional parking spaces once the improvement project is completed, four of which will be designated for equal access parking. 

    Will there be any changes to the current parking regulations?

    Current parking regulations for the eastern side will be applied to the western side. It should be noted that this area stipulates no parking between 9pm and 5am. 

    Are there any other relevant projects underway in the park?

    Stuart Park playground is currently due for replacement. This project is currently at the concept design stage with work due to commence in early 2015.

    If I have further questions or suggestions about this improvement project, how can I comment?

    Should you have suggestions or further questions in regard to this project, online feedback can be emailed to engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.

    Written feedback can be posted to:

    The General Manager
    Wollongong City Council
    Locked Bag 8821
    Wollongong DC 2500

    Community Kiosk 
    Council will be holding an on-site information kiosk to answer your questions about the improvements. Visit the Council marquee on 8 November between 9am and 11am in Stuart Park.