Conversations with the community

The draft plan was shared with community and key stakeholders during the public exhibition period, 23 June to 28 July 2021. Letters, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a copy of the draft plan were delivered to residents and property owners on Tarrawanna Road and surrounding streets. They were invited to learn more and join the conversation. Emails with this information were sent to Neighbourhood Forum 4, Northern Illawarra Residents Action Group, Council’s Mobility, Walking Cycling Reference Group, Premier Illawarra bus company and Mr Ryan Park MP. We created this project webpage, which included an online survey and Q&A forum. The public exhibition was promoted with a corflute sign installed near the curve on Tarrawanna Road, a media release and notice published in the Advertiser. The information was also available through Council’s Customer Service Centre.

There were 36 submissions. The Bulli Times published a news story about the exhibition on their website and Twitter profile. Residents provided comments via phone, email and the online feedback form. The results were generally supportive of the project, with most residents concerned about speeding and road safety issues in the area and happy to see these being addressed. Some expressed support for some measures but not all, as they had concerns relating to some of them such as loss of on-street parking. A small number of respondents were completely unsupportive of the plan. They did not perceive there to be any road safety issues, thought money should be spent elsewhere, expected it would create other issues, or felt it was a matter for Police to address, not Council.

While the majority of respondents supported having kerb blisters, some expressed concerns over their proposed location and whether they are needed if the speed tables are already slowing vehicles down. The main concern related to the reduction of on-street parking. Some foresaw they would create other road safety issues.

Several respondents identified parking as an issue, with concerns that loss of on-street parking would have a significant impact on residents and visitors, particularly those who are elderly or who have disability. It was noted it can be difficult to find on-street parking in this area.

Those supportive of the speed tables viewed them as an effective way of slowing vehicles down. There was a view that other measures may not be needed, as speed tables alone may resolve the safety issue. Others felt speed tables are ineffective or would create noise or other road safety issues. There was a concern that drivers would instead use Angel Street to get to the Princes Highway, increasing traffic on that street and making it unsafe for pedestrians. A roundabout was suggested as a better option for the Angel Street intersection.

Some expressed concern that relocating the bus stop would create congestion, parking issues or obstruct vision for vehicles travelling around the road curve or turning into driveways.

Several respondents identified road safety and speeding issues in other locations, in particular on Meadow Street and its intersection with Tarrawanna Road.

Many respondents spoke of their speeding concerns and observations. Some provided suggestions or made requests for addressing road safety issues in the area. These included limiting vehicle sizes, installing a roundabout at the Angel Street intersection, installing speed limit signs and road marking.

We used feedback from the community to make some adjustments to the final design. We reported back to participants by sending them this engagement summary and a copy of the final design. The engagement summary has our responses to the issues raised.

Construction is scheduled for the end of 2021.

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