Why has the path been staged?

    The most difficult section on The Ridge to construct a footpath is from number 48 to the end of the street at the Crown Reserve. Planning for construction in this area has involved further investigation and more complex design. Staging the construction allowed for much of the path to be built while the complex design for the end section was being completed.

    Will I be able to park my car on the verge?

    From a safety perspective it is preferable for cars to be parked on the street and pedestrians to walk on a path. 

    The verge of any street is not intended for parking cars.  Parking on the verge is considered an offence by NSW Government legislation.

    Can the road be widened to compensate for cars being parked on the street?

    Due to the hilly terrain and steep drops it is not possible to significantly widen the road. With new kerb and gutter there will be some widening of the asphalt surface area.

    Can the path be widened to be a shared path?

    The area has many restrictions such as available area, ground slope and established trees. We can achieve a footpath that is 1.5 metres wide. However, shared paths are usually 2.5 or 3 metres wide. Achieving this width in this location is not feasible.

    Are retaining walls and adjustments to driveways necessary?

    There are two sections of path where we are planning to construct retaining walls. Cutting into the verge and retaining the remaining soil allows the footpath to be level and continue as a gentle slope along the length of the street. 

    Similarly, some driveways will need to be adjusted to meet the level of the new path. This will not affect residential properties or vehicle access to homes.

    How will the path impact the Fire & Rescue NSW Community Fire Unit trailer parked in this location?

    Council has worked with Fire & Rescue NSW representatives to ensure the trailer is completely accessible. This is the same as we did in Stage 1 and 2. The trailer will be relocated to a dedicated area on the opposite side of the driveway.

    Is any vegetation required to be removed?

    Yes, undergrowth plants such as Blady Grass and Bracken Fern may need to be removed.  

    A small number of trees will need to be removed with more trees being planted to compensate.   

    A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been undertaken to ensure the environment and all flora and fauna in the area are properly protected. This will also ensure minimal impact to the root structure and health of any trees along the path.

    How will my feedback be used?

    After the engagement period ends your feedback will be shared with the project team. The information we receive as part of this engagement will inform the final design.