What are the two options for the footpath on Hamilton road?

    The two options are either the eastern or the western side of Hamilton Road. Considerations for either side are listed below:

    Option 1: Eastern Side


    - Potentially more expensive.

    - New kerb and guttering.

    - Possible retaining wall,

    - Crossing three driveways.

    - Removal of two Coastal Banksias.

    - Planting 19 small native trees.

    - One less crossing point.

    - Varied path width from 1.5m to 1.2m in some places.

    - This is the current natural path walked.

    Option 2: Western Side


    - Potentially less expensive.

    - Standard construction.

    - Crossing five driveways.

    - No removal of trees. 

    - Planting 14 small native trees.

    - One more crossing point at north Hamilton Road.

    - Consistent 1.5m width.

    - Not the current natural path walked.

    When would works commence?

    Works are scheduled to commence in winter 2018.

    Will access be maintained during works?

    Access for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will be maintained with clear sign-postings for alternative routes. 

    Why is the footpath along Tasman Parade, Craig Street, Surfers Parade and Cliff Parade already finalised?

    This route has been finalised as there were no other suitable options. Re-routing this section would not meet construction standard and could also involve:

    ·  Re-shaping the road reserve.

    ·  Extensive retaining wall constructions.

    ·  Relocation of services.

    ·  Significant tree removal.

    ·  Adjusting kerb and guttering, to meet acceptable gradients to the road.

    ·  Not having a straight footpath with further road re-design required.

    ·  Inconsistent cross fall (drainage).

    ·  More costly