Why is Council replacing the shared path?

    Council has received many requests from the community for a wider shared path to reduce interactions between pedestrians and cyclists.  In response to these requests, we are building a 4m wide shared path along Trinity Row.

    Why is Council installing a railing along a section of the new shared path?

    The safety of pedestrians and cyclists in one of our key considerations when designing shared paths. A new railing along a section of the shared path is required as the new path is quite close to the edge of the embankment and rocks on the beach.  This railing has been designed and is a requirement to comply with current regulatory standards and guidelines. 

    When will the work on the new wider share path start?

    Work is expected to start around May 2023 with construction commencing from the north and will head towards the south. Small segments of the path will be constructed at a time to minimise inconvenience to the public as much as possible.  It is anticipated that construction of the shared path will be completed around Spring 2023 in time for the busy summer season. 

    Will there be any additional trees and landscaping along the shared path?

    The following features are included in the Trinity Row Shared Path project:

    • Two Banksia integrifolia (Coastal Banksia) trees will be planted to provide shade. These trees grow to 6m tall, allow views into the distance and won't impact the Norfolk Island Pines.
    • Additional 1.8m concrete path from surf club carpark to the playground
    • Two new bin enclosures and water fountain.

    What will the new picnic shelter look like?

    The new picnic shelter will have the following features:

    • the shelter will be 10 x 6m
    • the base will be a new concrete slab
    • have hardwood posts and roof
    • Colorbond Surfmist roof sheeting
    • timber seating with aluminum tables
    • each of the 4 picnic sets will have wheelchair access.

    In addition, there will be new accessible parking and a new concrete path will be built from the carpark to the shelter and cafe.

    Why is the disabled parking being moved?

    The existing disabled parking is too steep to be made compliant with accessibility standards.  The new location will provide safe and accessible parking, and a gentle path to the new shelter, cafe and beyond.

    The new accessible path will allow two people in wheelchairs or two prams to pass each other safely.

    Has Council considered Aboriginal heritage and heritage planning?

    Aboriginal objects and places in NSW are afforded protection under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.  The area near Waniora Point is identified as being located within an area of cultural significance.

    Previous studies have identified the presence of shell middens in this area highlighting the potential for this area to contain other Aboriginal artefacts currently unknown.   

    Council applied for an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) as part of the planning process for the Trinity Row Shared Path and Picnic Shelter projects.  As these two projects involve ground disturbance with the Waniora Point area, Council applied for an AHIP to undertake these works.

    We've now received the AHIP and the permit provides controls for the management of works in this area that Council must follow, including Aboriginal site monitoring. 

    For further information on Aboriginal heritage protection and management please follow the link: 


    Will the carpark near the cafe and surf club be open during the construction of the new path and new picnic shelter?

    The public will still have access to the carpark during construction.  There may be occasions where we have to divert pedestrians around the work site. This may impact some parking at times.  

    The four car spaces nearest the shelter will be occupied by a construction compound for the during of the picnic shelter and associated path works. A separate compound for the shared path construction will be located on the opposite side of Trinity Row adjacent to the soccer fields.  

    What can the community comment on and what will happen to my feedback?

    The community can provide comments on the Trinity Row Share Path project. All feedback on this project will be reviewed by the project team prior to any works commencing.

    The last day for feedback on the Trinity Row Shared Path is Monday 3 April 2023. 

    The plans for the new picnic shelter are now finalised and work will commence in 2023.