What is planned and why?

    The Ursula Road path is proposed on the northern side of Ursula Road, the eastern side of Franklin Ave and on a section of Park Road. 

    Identified in the City of Wollongong Bike Plan 2014-18, the shared path will form a vital link from the train station to the coastal cycleway as part of the broader bike network, as well as provide access for Waniora Public School and Bulli High School.

    Construction will include a 2.5 metre wide shared path and associated line marking, signage, kerb and gutter, stormwater drains, kerb ramps and blisters. 

    The path is on the northern side to provide better connectivity with the station, avoid crossing intersecting streets and school entries. Crossing points are planned on Ursula Road at Bulli High School and on Park Road, just east of the intersection. 

    What will happen with parking?

    To enable the installation of crossing points, there will be a loss of approximately 3 spaces on Park Road and 5 spaces on Ursula Road. Aside from that, parking will remain as it is.

    There will be clearances between cyclists on the path and parked cars to ensure safety of path users and motor vehicle occupants. 

    Will flooding be considered?

    A separate longer-term project is being undertaken by the Transport and Stormwater division to mitigate flooding in the Bulli area. 

    The Stormwater division was consulted during the development of the shared path project to ensure that the path will not impact on flood mitigation projects or water run off in the area.

    The path will be constructed close to existing levels and should not have adverse effects to existing drainage conditions.

    How will I be affected by the work?

    Construction of the Ursula Road section is intended to commence in Autumn 2021, and take approximately 16 weeks to complete, depending on weather. 

    Traffic management of vehicles and pedestrians will be required during the construction process and some parking may be disrupted during construction. 

    The Park Road and Franklin Avenue sections will be constructed at a later date.