Why are you proposing to plant an avenue of trees?

    When we conducted engagement for the Ursula Road shared path in 2020/2021, we heard some residents were keen for Council to plant trees and other vegetation near the pathway to soften, shade and green the new infrastructure. The plan was changed in response to this feedback and shared with the community before construction. It showed a proposed avenue of trees to be planted along the park frontage, in alignment with the shared path. We are now sharing the detailed proposal. 

    What are the details of the proposal?

    We propose a single avenue of 27 Kauri Pines (Agathis robusta) spaced 15 metres apart. Should there be local community interest, we are open to creating garden beds around each tree and planting with native grasses, groundcovers, and small shrubs. We will also reach out to local schools inviting their students to create artworks or poems, to be displayed on the temporary tree guards. 

    Why have you proposed the Kauri Pine tree?

    The Kauri Pine is being recommended as it is a large and hardy native evergreen, which thrives with exposure to salt and wind. When mature, the trees have a mostly branch-free trunk topped with a narrow crown, which would provide impactful canopy while allowing for filtered views across the open space to the ocean and escarpment.  They grow straight and tall with smooth grey bark patched with orange under-bark. At the Bulli site these trees would be expected to reach heights of around 25 metres, significantly less than those found within sub-tropical to tropical areas.  

    How have you balanced urban greening objectives with changes to views?

    Council is committed to bringing more plants and trees to our streets and parks through our Urban Greening Program. We also recognise that coastal and escarpment views are important to people. In line with Council's Tree Management Policy, we have conducted view assessments to determine changes to sightlines at different stages of the proposed trees’ growth: at time of planting, (0 years), 10 years (10 years) and at maturity (40 years). By choosing a tree type with clear trunks, spacing them widely and starting the avenue further to the eastern side of the park than originally proposed, we believe we have balanced broader community benefits of having trees and changes to views that some residents will experience. Removal of some lower branches of the trees would be carried out as required to ensure sightlines are maintained.  

    When is planting proposed to start and what would that look like?

    Planting is proposed for Autumn/ Winter 2024, subject to weather and stock availability. Timber tree guards would be installed to protect the trees during their establishment period, usually around 5 years. 

    What will the avenue of trees look like as they grow?

    Take a look at the videos showing 3D modelling of the avenue of trees from time of planting, at 10 years and at 40 years. Please note the green blocked areas shown within Bulli Park represent the existing grove of trees and some existing palms and Norfolk Island Pines are also shown.

    How can I provide feedback?

    There are many ways you can provide feedback:

    • Complete the online survey.
    • Email us at engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au
    • Call us on (02) 4227 7111

    Feedback closes on 25 March 2024.

    How will my feedback be used?

    The project team will review all feedback to inform the final proposal and respond to questions.