What improvements are planned?

    Essential works are planned to upgrade the footpath, and kerb and guttering along the Eastern side of Walker Street.

    With the exception of the footpath in front of Helensburgh Plaza and Coles, the area in front of the commercial centre (to 65 Walker Street) on the Eastern side will be brick paved with an asphalt strip adjacent to the sandstone kerb. The sandstone kerb will be preserved. In addition, street furniture and street trees will be incorporated into the overall streetscape upgrade.

    The footpath and kerb in front of Coles has recently been replaced so this area will remain intact. There are no plans to replace this section of the kerb or the footpath.

    From 65 Walker Street south the asphalt paving will be replaced with a concrete footpath with a grass verge on either side of the path. New kerb will also be installed. Kerb ramps will be installed on street corners to improve access.

    The work will be completed in the following stages:

    Stage 1 - Parkes Street - Short Street 

    Stage 2 - Coles Driveway - Lilyvale Street   

    Stage 3 - Lilyvale Street - Whitty Road      

    How long will the work take and when will it start?

    The work is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2016. Generally, the hours of construction will be 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays. The work will take approximately four months to complete subject to weather conditions.

    How will I be affected?

    There may be short intervals where access to the footpath on the Eastern side of the street will be restricted. The work will be done in stages and temporary access will be restored as quickly as possible.

    Walker Street will remain open to traffic. The Coles car park will not be affected by the works and will remain open.

    The parking lane along Walker Street will be impacted by the work. Parking restrictions will be put in place along the street as the work progresses. Parking will be restored as soon as each stage is completed.

    A traffic management plan will be in place to ensure

    roadway and pedestrian safety. The pedestrian crossing outside of Coles is not affected by the works and will remain accessible. 

    Will any parts of the footpath be closed to public access during the work?

    Yes there will be periods when the footpath will be closed. Temporary paths will be installed to ensure access to businesses and residences is maintained.

    Signage and traffic control will be in place to direct vehicles and pedestrians along Walker Street. The parking lanes will be used to provide pedestrian access around the works, however at some stages pedestrians may need to be diverted across the road.

    Driveways will be out of action for up to 7 days. Council will notify owners and residents prior to undertaking works on driveways.