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    One of the guiding principles is "sustainability and wellbeing" but there is little detail on the sustainable design elements. Could you please elaborate? Will there be passive heating and cooling, energy efficiency and renewable energy, recycled water, recycled or low impact building materials and local procurement, for example? Will it encourage active transport to and from the site? Is there a plan to meet NABERS or Green Star ratings? (PS, I love the design and the huge benefits this will have for the community. Nice work!)

    sedky asked over 1 year ago

    Council works proactively in establishing socially sustainable communities, and actively suppports the wellbeing of our local community. This includes providing meaningful places, and developing integrated facilities, for the ongoing provision of essential services to our community. 

    Council supports providing enhanced environmentally sustainability design (ESD) initiatives in all of our facilities, and this includes the new Warrawong District Community Centre and Library. We have engaged a leading ESD engineering consultant to provide best-practice engineering design for the project, and to implement the requirements of Council's Suitanable Building Strategy. Specific design elements and targets will be further outlined as the project progresses in the Detail Design phase of the project. This will include advanced mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and environment monitoring systems and elements, alongside best-practice architectural and facade design.

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    Nothing mentioned about parking and disability access

    Talia Perikleous asked over 1 year ago

    Parking has been planned to conform with Council’s Development Control and planning requirements, as well as industry benchmarks and standards for community facilities. Parking is also planned with reference to Council’s commitments to environmental sustainability. A Green Travel Plan will detail the suite of policies and practices available to increase the attractiveness of walking, cycling and public transport to the facility.

    Planning for the new facility is informed by our Disability Inclusion Action Plan and will provide full access to all areas of the centre for people living with restricted mobility, as well as other disabilities. An adult changing place and other accessible amenities will be provided.  

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    There is mention of pedestrian access. Will access for wheeled mobility of all forms (including cycling and mobility scooters/aids) be considered? E.g., well-designed and connected cycleways and wide paths linking the library to other key Warrawong locations such as the mall and path around the lake, and to residential areas; UNDERCOVER, secure bike lock-up stations near the entrance to the centre with high visibility to deter vandalism and theft.

    amcboo asked over 1 year ago

    Council is supportive of making cycling integral to city life, and developed the Wollongong Cycling Strategy 2030 to direct our actions. For this project, a green travel plan is being developed to support walking, cycling, and the use of public transport. The project will provide bicycle parking spaces based on the recommendations of the green travel plan.

    Council is also currently in the early stages of design for the associated Warrawong Town Centre Upgrade project, and this includes consideration of footpaths and cycleways in the broader town centre area. Further detail will be announced as the design of the town centre upgrade project develops.