Why has this design been developed?

    West Dapto Access Strategy provides bridges, roads and shared paths to improve access during periods of flood, reduce congestion and provide better connections for the growing population of the area. The link between Fowlers Road and Fairwater Drive is an important part of the Strategy. Council worked closely with community representatives, government agencies, Councillors and industry experts to establish the preferred option. The concept design has been developed for the preferred option.

    What works are proposed?

    The proposed new link is approximately 1.3km long and provides a flood reliable access route from suburbs of West Dapto to Dapto Town Centre, the Princes Highway and M1. The project involves constructing a four lane road, a shared path and two large bridges from Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive.  The first bridge will cross the South Coast Rail Line and Mullet Creek, and the second will cross the floodplain. It is proposed that Marshall Street will be deviated to accommodate the new link road while maintaining access along Marshall Street. Other works include traffic lights at Fairwater Drive intersection and widening the existing intersection of Princes Highway and Fowlers Road. 

    What works are proposed for the intersection of Fowlers Road and Princes Highway?

    The intersection will be widened to accommodate the future traffic, cyclist and pedestrian usage. Upgraded pedestrian crossings and new slip lanes will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in peak periods. 

    What works are proposed for Marshall Street?

    Based on initial community feedback received in the Options Assessment Workshop, it is proposed that Marshall Street will be deviated to accommodate the new link road while maintaining through access for Marshall Street users. It is proposed that Marshall Street will be deviated to accommodate the new link road while maintaining access for Marshall Street users.

    How big are the bridges?

    The bridge located over the South Coast Rail Line and Mullet Creek is approximately 250 metres long and approximately 10 metres at its highest point. The second bridge, located further west over flood plains, is approximately 90 metres long and approximately 5m metres at its highest point. Both bridges have four traffic lanes and one shared path. 

    What consideration has been given to pedestrians and cyclists?

    The concept design includes a 3.5m wide shared path on the south side of the proposed road. It has been designed to be used by both pedestrians and cyclists.

    Traffic lights are proposed at either end of the road to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians to cross. It is proposed that the intersection at Fairwater Drive will be upgraded from a roundabout to traffic signals for pedestrian safety. This will provide a safe link from Horsley past Dapto Public School to Cleveland Road, Dapto High School and Princes Highway.

    How will the link road affect public transport?

    The proposed road can accommodate buses and the deviation of Marshall Street will allow buses to maintain current routes. A public transport strategy is being developed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) which will help us understand future transport needs in the area.

    What speed will the new road be?

    It is anticipated the sign posted speed limit will be 60km/h, however this will be confirmed in detailed design.

    What are the expected traffic volumes on the new road?

    As the population of West Dapto grows, so too will the number of vehicles using the roads. Traffic modelling has been undertaken by the design consultant and was peer reviewed by an independent organisation. When the proposed road opens the number of vehicles is expected to be 9,000 per day, which similar to the number of cars using Byamee Street each day. 

    When will the proposed road be linked to Bong Bong Road?

    The concept design shows the future connection point of the North/South link. While the future connection point has been identified, the road alignment requires further investigation. In consultation with the community, the location will be developed as part of a separate project, which is a number of years away. There may be a need to relocate sport clubs based on the outcome of the concept design. Council are already planning for this, and has identified future sites for the potential relocation.

    How much will the project cost?

    A cost estimate is being developed throughout the concept design. Once the community feedback is incorporated into this design, we will have a better idea of the final costs. We will make this information available via the website.

    Who is funding the works?

    Funding for the project has been sourced through:

    • Infrastructure NSW: Restart NSW Illawarra Infrastructure Fund
    • NSW Office of Local Government: Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme Round 3
    • NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure: Design Grant

    Council will continue to seek additional funding throughout the project.

    What studies have been done to inform the development of the concept design?

    The development of the concept design has taken approximately 18 months to complete. During this time a range of studies have been undertaken including:

    • Options Assessment Workshop
    • Review of Environmental Factors including Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Investigation
    • Flood modelling
    • Traffic modelling
    • Noise assessments
    • Risk workshop
    • Constructability workshop

    What flood mitigation works are being undertaken as part of the project?

    The proposed road will provide access during periods of flood. Even during a ‘1 in 100 year rain event’ the road is designed to provide access.

    The embankments of the proposed road will change the path water flows. Therefore, earthworks are proposed to allow flood water to continue to flow to Reed and Mullet Creeks.

    Will there be anti-throw screens over the rail bridge and Marshall Street?

    To protect trains, passengers, vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists it is proposed that anti-throw screens will be installed on the bridge over the rail line. The extent of these will be determined in the Detailed Design.

    Will trees be removed?

    Some trees will need to be removed, however new trees will be planted. There is a fig tree located towards the Fairwater Dr end of the project. As identified in the Review of Environmental Factors, the tree will be retained. It will also be protected throughout construction.

    When will construction commence?

    Construction is anticipated to start mid-2016 and take approximately four years. The major stages of the project include:

    • Earthworks from Fairwater Drive east towards the railway line
    • Services works and the replacement of the roundabout with traffic lights where the proposed road intersects with Fairwater Drive
    • Marshall Street deviation
    • Construction of the bridges
    • Upgrades to traffic lights and services at the intersection of Princes Highway and Fowlers Road

    What aspects of the project can I influence?

    A range of engineering factors determine design requirements, this limits the influence the communitycan have regarding technical aspects of the design, however there is still aspects the community can influence:

    Informing the design and construction

    We want to learn from local knowledge and also listen to how we might reduce potential impacts to the community. 


    The community is encouraged to provide input into the landscaping. What plants should we use, what kind of entrance statement would you like to see as you enter the new road from the Princes Hwy?

    Public Art

    We would like to know the community’s ideas about public art and how it might be incorporated into the project.

    Road Name

    The community is invited to contribute ideas about what the new road might be called. The Geographical Names Board provides some rules we must follow. For more information about the road naming project please see the "Road Naming for West Dapto" frequently asked questions.

    How can I have my say?

    You can submit feedback online at haveyoursaywollongong.com.au or complete a feedback form which is available at Dapto and Wollongong Libraries. Council is encouraging the community to have their say by 2 November 2015. 

    What will happen with the feedback I provide?

    Feedback will be collated into a report which will be considered and incorporated where possible into the detailed design and/or construction phase. 

    How can I find out more information?

    For more information about West Dapto Access: Fowlers to Fairwater concept design attend one of the following community engagement activities to speak with project staff:

    A community information session will be held at:

    Horsley Community Centre

    Thursday 15 October 6-8pm

    A pop up info booth will be at:

    Dapto Mall Saturday 17 October 9-11am

    Visit:   wollongong.nsw.gov.au/westdaptoaccess

    Phone: (02) 4227 7111

    What plans are there for the M1 Princes Motorway

    For more information about future plans for the M1 Princes Motorway visit to RMS website: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/projects/illawarra/m1-princes-highway-figtree-to-dapto/index.html