What would a centre provide?

    A future facility is envisaged to provide indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, community meeting spaces, café and potentially aquatic facilities.

    Council is investigating the leisure and cultural services that could be offered.

    Examples are:

    ·  indoor sports hall

    ·  basketball courts

    ·  outdoor tennis courts

    ·  outdoor netball courts

    ·  community meeting spaces

    ·  café

    ·  Wellness services

    ·  Child minding services

    ·  Indoor and outdoor play areas

    ·  Health and fitness services

    ·  Aquatic facilities

    However, we would like to hear what you think is needed.

    The information you provide will be used by Council to effectively plan for provision of services to existing residents and to address the needs of future growth in the Dapto and West Dapto area.

    Is there a strategy?

    Research and planning initiatives all indicate the need for a community and leisure centre in the West Dapto Area.

    These are:

    ·  The West Dapto Section 94 Development Contributions Plan (2017)

    ·  Social Cultural and Recreational Needs Study for the West Dapto New Release Area (2007)

    ·  Planning People Places (2006)

    What will we do with this information?

    This consultation and other studies will be used to provide Council with an insight into what your future recreation and leisure needs are.

    Once Council has a clearer picture of features to be considered in a future facility, a feasibility assessment and funding strategy will be prepared. Opportunities for partnerships and external funding will be a key consideration in planning for this centre.

    Where will it be located?

    Potential sites will be identified and investigated as part of the study. A preferred site will be determined based on land capability, flood constraints, proximity to future town centres, and accessibility.

    What is the time frame?

    We are in the early stages of facility planning for West Dapto. Once we develop a better understanding of community and recreation service needs, Council will explore opportunities for funding the design and construction of future delivery proposals.