How many items are on the Wollongong Heritage List?

    In our city we’ve got 475 heritage items and 9 Conservation Areas, including in Kembla Heights and at Garrawarra that are currently listed in our Local Environment Plan. We’ve also got areas that are captured under NSW State Environment Planning Policies (SEPPs), as well as 24 State-significant sites listed under the NSW Heritage Act 1977.

    What Areas does the Heritage Study Investigate?

    The Draft Wollongong City Centre Heritage Study 2021, investigates the City Centre as identified through the boundary of the City Centre Planning Review work. 

    How does this project relate to the Heritage Schedule Review project?

    In April 2021, Stage 1 of the Heritage Schedule Review project was finalised and a large number of administrative updates to the Heritage list were made.

    Stage 2 of the Heritage Schedule Review will involve progressing a range of new heritage nominations throughout the LGA beyond the City Centre boundary.  There will be further opportunity to comment on the list of proposed new heritage items.