March 2014

Commence Wollongong Public Space Public Life Study - Collecting the Data

March sees the start of the project
- Wollongong City Council hosts an intensive Internal staff workshop to start to gather information about the quality of our City spaces and buildings
- Gehl Architects - Public Lecture, 18 March 7.30pm at the Town Hall, over 200 people in attendance.
March → May 2014

Public Life Study - People Counting

On 19 March and 7 and 10 May 2014, volunteers were positioned across the City Centre to record number of people walking along key streets and the number of people stopping and enjoying places in the City
- Pedestrian counts were taken every hour at 20 locations and in 13 of our key public spaces between 8am to 10pm - These counts provided baseline data about our city centre and after future counts we can accuratley measure change over time
April → October 2014

Evaluation & Findings - Understanding the data

Between April and September Council staff and Gehl Architects undertook a detailed analysis of Wollongong City Centre in context of relevant strategies, data collected on the quality of our public spaces and streets, and data collected on the way people use the City.
- Information collated was refined during September and October to be shared with the community
November 2014

Community Conversations - Sharing the data

Information collected to date about Wollongong City Centre and how people use the City will be shared with the community for comment, interpretation and suggested approaches
November 2014 → August 2015

Identifying Key Opportunities

WE ARE HERE - Using the data collected, community comments and expert advice from Gehl Architects, this stage of the project will start to coordinate the refinement of strategies and ideas around future opportunities for the City.
February → March 2015

Public Life Study - Second Round of People Counts

Pedestrian counts in and around the mall will be carried out to add to our growing data collection and to provide data about his area after construction works have been completed.
April → November 2015

Refining Recommendations

Through community conversations and specialist input, the key opportunities identified for the future of the City will be refined into Key Recommendations.
- The community will be invited to be involved in this process.
14 November 2015 → 04 March 2016

'A City for People, Wollongong Public Spaces Public Life 2015' draft report on exhibition

'A City for People' presents a robust analysis of our city centre, a draft city centre vision, and strategies for turning ideas into action.

'A City for People' is a draft document. Your feedback will guide the refinement and finalisation of the Vision and way forward for our city centre. Join the conversation and help shape the city’s future.