What do we mean by public recreation spaces?

    We mean big parks, small parks, playgrounds, public gardens, nature reserves, skate parks, pump tracks, basketball courts, sports fields, beaches, foreshores, recreation grounds – any bit of public open space you’ve chosen to spend your time in.

    What do we mean by recreation or play?

    We mean whatever you like to do with your free time for enjoyment: to relax, recharge or have fun. It could be on your own, with one or more friends or with family. It could be at home, outside or online. It could look like not doing much - just hanging out! Play is so important that is a right for everyone up until the age of 18. It is crucial for your physical, mental, and social development and wellbeing. The way we play changes throughout our lives and you’re never too old to enjoy it. 

    How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will provide important information that we don’t currently have and inform future Council projects and plans.