Why has Council developed this draft Policy?

    The draft Policy encourages various forms of activity to create a vibrant and revitalised Mall and a strong sense of place for the community and other stakeholders.  At the same time, it provides a clear and transparent framework to guide the decision-making and approval process for activity in the Mall.

    Which area does this draft Policy apply to?

    For the purposes of this Policy the Mall is the area that encapsulates Crown Street between Keira and Kembla Streets, a section of the upper and lower Church Street and Globe Lane – see figure 1 below.

    What types of activity does the draft Policy encourage?

    Council recognises that the Mall is a unique space that can accommodate a range of activity.  On this basis, long-term, medium-term and short-term activities are covered in the draft Policy and include:

    Long Term
    - Outdoor Markets
    - Goods and/or services, kiosks/carts/cylinders/vans e.g. fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables, food vans

    Medium Term
    - Unique seasonal activity

    Short Term
    - Events and Festivals
    - Street Entertainment (including busking)
    - Fundraising
    - Promotions
    - Occasional Retail Trading
    - Mall Banner Program

    How will you evaluate the types of activities that will take place in the Mall?

    All activity in the Mall will be evaluated against the following guiding principles to encourage, guide and manage activity in the Mall:
    • The selection of an appropriate location
    • Safety and accessibility requirements
    • Authentic, diverse and engaging activity
    • Attractive and high-quality design and appearance of structures
    • Implementation of sound management and operational practices

    Are there any activity exclusions in the draft Policy?

    There are a number of activity exclusions identified in the draft Policy to ensure that the Mall fosters an environment that supports and encourages a dynamic activity centre. These are not new activity exclusions, as they have previously formed part of the Crown Street Mall Regulations Policy.  The Crown Street Mall Regulations Policy will be replaced with the draft Crown Street Mall Activity Policy.

    Activity exclusions include skating, public collections such as request for cash donations or direct debit arrangements or pledges for an individual’s personal use; the amplification of sound unless approved by Council, vehicle entry without a permit, bill posting and spruiking, etc. This is consistent with what was in the Crown Street Mall Regulations Policy, when adopted by Council.

    Will busking continue to be an activity encouraged in the Mall?

    Yes, busking will continue to be an activity encouraged in the Mall. Performers from all backgrounds, including beginners, are invited to showcase their skills, express their creative talents and entertain members of the public.

    Busking covers general busking, as well as busking as part of an organised program such as the current Live Sites Program, where specific talents are required to be demonstrated. In the case of these programs, Council reserves the right to audition buskers who would like to participate in these organised programs to ensure that the goals of the specific program are being met. 

    The Busking Application Form will ask the applicant to identify which category they are applying for, and will state that no audition is required if it is general busking.

    Will activities need public liability insurance?

    As part of Council’s approval process to conduct activity in the Mall, the activity holder will be required to demonstrate that they hold public liability insurance to the value of $20M or more. In the case of busking, the request for Public Liability Insurance would only apply to professional buskers.

    How can I have my say?

    The easiest way to provide your feedback on the draft Crown Street Mall Activity Policy is to complete the online feedback form. Hardcopies of the feedback form are also available at Council libraries, and Customer Service Centre. For further questions, please call 4227 7060 or email engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.