What is the background to the Quick Links project?

    The Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016–2020 sets out ways Council will assist in making Wollongong a more welcoming and accessible City for everyone, including people with a disability. Our Pedestrian Plan 2017-2021, Play Wollongong Strategy 2014-2024 and Ageing Plan 2018-2022, also highlight ways we can encourage more people to get out and about safely.
    We are working to improve the accessible paths and kerb ramps in our town and village centres and our Quick Links project targets those missing connections between key facilities such as car parks and playgrounds.

    What is an accessible path of travel?

    It’s the continuous and unobstructed path of pedestrian travel for people of all abilities. This includes footpaths, kerb ramps, access aisles and entryways. It enables people to get to where they want to go – without being left stranded without a footpath or kerb ramp at a ‘dead end’.

    Why is Council building accessible paths?

    The community told us that accessible paths would make a difference to their ability to participate. We listened and are making it a priority to improve this.

    What will the construction involve?

    Building new or widening paths to connect existing facilities – for example between a picnic shelter and a toilet block, or from a car park to a playground.

    Who will this benefit?

    Everybody - accessible paths of travel that link up to other networks or facilities benefit all pedestrians, including the elderly, mobility-impaired people, people in wheelchairs, people with prams and young children.

    Will these path upgrades be to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Standards?

    Yes. We are committed to constructing DDA compliant footpaths and kerb ramps.

    What is a DDA compliant footpath?

    The footpath must be wide enough, flat enough, not too steep and connect with kerb ramps. While a footpath has to follow the natural lay of the land, in the best possible circumstances a continuous accessible path of travel along a footpath should:

    be at least 1 metre wide (up to 1.8 metres wide if possible)

    have a cross-fall of no steeper than 1 in 40

    have a gradient of no steeper than 1 in 20

    Where will these path upgrades happen?

    Currently upgrades are being built or planned for 8 sites: 

    • Holborn Park, Berkeley

    • Figtree Oval

    • Thirroul Beach

    • Lakeside Park, Kanahooka

    • Lang Park, North Wollongong

    • King George V Park, Port Kembla

    • Port Kembla pool frontage

    When will building start?

    Building is due to start this financial year 2018/19.

    How can I find out more?

    For further information please call the Engagement Team on 4227 7111 or email engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au