Creating a city for people

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Six unique public life projects will unwrap the City Centre Vision in the form of short, medium and long term actions. Public life projects bring together a range of high-quality city experiences. Each project has a unique identity and role in the public life of Wollongong city centre. Join the conversation in each of the forums and let us know what you think of each project.


A collaborative approach committed to change
The City Vision sets out 12 aspirational goals for delivering the Wollongong City Centre of the future. The Vision is supported by a range of citywide and area-specific actions to inform short to long term priorities for implementation. The Vision will only be realised when the city works collaboratively to implement change.

A range of future planning and policy actions require medium to long term timeframes. Providing a balance of shorter term and temporary actions through the six public life projects offers a flexible and achievable framework for delivering Wollongong City Centre as a city for people.

Medium to long term actions
  • Prepare an Access and Movement Strategy and continue to deliver against the Bike Plan
  • Investigate appropriate distribution of height and scale across the City Centre
  • Refine the City Centre boundary and investigate incentives for investment
  • Develop a design review process to guide high quality outcomes for all development in the City Centre
  • Undertake a Heritage Interpretation Project to reveal Indigenous, European and Industrial heritage across the City Centre
  • Establish an Urban Greening Policy
  • Develop a street activation policy, to guide high quality facade design
  • Undertake an open space review to guide the role and programming of City Centre open space
  • Develop a process for pilot project facilitation
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Consultation has concluded

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