Why do we need a Plan?

    By 2036 around 20% of Wollongong’s population will be aged 65 and over. It is important that we have a plan to guide a response to population ageing.

    What is the Ageing Plan?

    The Ageing Plan 2018-2022 sets out how Council will work towards making Wollongong a place where our city’s older residents are supported to remain involved, connected and valued in their communities.

    How was the Plan developed?

    The Plan was developed using current research and information we collected from consultation with the community. This information has been used to help set the priorities for the Plan.

    What happens next?

    You can give us feedback up until 20 December 2017. After we look at everyone’s feedback, we might make some changes to the Plan. The final Ageing Plan 2018-2022 will be presented at a Council meeting for adoption.

    How can I give feedback?

    You can give feedback by:

    • Visiting Council’s website

    • Filling out a feedback from, available online, at your local library and Council’s Customer Service Centre, 41 Burelli St, Wollongong.

    • Emailing records@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

    • Calling Council on 4227 7111