Project Update - Stage 1 Scoping Study

We are currently in Stage 1, scoping the Coastal Management Program for the open coast and estuaries of the Wollongong LGA.

It is the first of the five-stage CMP process and it will result in a Scoping Study document. An objective of the scoping study is to understand what our community values about our coast and current and future issues in coastal areas. This will help us develop a shared understanding of the current state of the coastal zone and identify issues and areas of focus for the new CMP.

Undertaking the scoping process in Stage 1 is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It provides a review process to understand the progress made to date, in managing issues in our coastal areas.
  • It enables us to come together as a community to understand the current challenges and opportunities for our coastal area.
  • It saves time and resources, by clearly defining the necessary focus areas for the new CMP.

Community and stakeholder engagement for the Scoping Study has now closed. We are currently collating the findings of the engagement and relevant coastal data and reports to prepare the Scoping Study. The Scoping Study will be published on this page when complete.

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