Why has the Community Participation Plan (CPP) been prepared?

    All Councils, in NSW, are required to prepare a Community Participation Plan under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).  It details how the community can participate in planning decisions, and reflects our community engagement objectives detailed in the Community Engagement Policy.  

    We recognise that the community has an interest, and a right, to be informed about planning matters and given opportunities to participate in strategic planning for our Local Government Area (LGA).

    How does the plan differ from the previous notification policy?

    ·  All planning matters are included in the plan.

    ·  One important change is that we do not need to advertise certain development applications (DAs) in the newspaper any more. This was recommended by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (The Department), in recognition of the declining circulation and suburb coverage. Integrated and Designated developments will continue to be advertised development, however other types of DAs will not. A DA can still be advertised, if the relevant Area Manager decides that the wider community would benefit.  

    Some development categories have been updated and need extra written notification. This is to offset the removal of newspaper advertising for certain DAs. For example, where in Appendix 1 a DA may have needed written notice to adjoining land and newspaper advertising, such development categories have been updated to include, or consider, written notice to neighbouring land also.  This ensures that people who may be interested in a DA are still notified.

    As always, DAs can also be viewed on our website by any interested person.

    ·  Categories of development have also been updated and now align with the definitions in the Wollongong Local Environmental Plan (WLEP) 2009, and The Department’s Standard Instrument for preparing local environmental plans.  Generally, land uses are included in a group term, to keep the list shorter. For example ‘Backpacker’s Accommodation’ and ‘Bed and Breakfast Accommodation’ are not separately listed as they fall under the group term ‘Tourist & Visitor Accommodation.’

    ·  Designated, Nominated Integrated, and Integrated Development have been added.

    ·  Activity applications were removed, as they are not normally notified.

    ·  Minor changes have been made to development categories to remove unnecessary wording.

    ·  All measurements have been standardised and are now expressed as metres.

    ·  References to sections of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 have been updated to reflect the new numbering, which commenced 1 March 2018.

    ·  Ancillary structures were amended to include the requirement that –

                 o  They will only be advertised if they are less than 0.9m from side and rear property boundaries.

                 o  They not be advertised if they have -

                                 •  A maximum height of 3.5m above natural ground level

                                 •  A maximum wall/eave height of up to 2.7m above natural ground level and a minimum 0.9m setback from any side or rear property boundary

    ·  The legend for the Notification Requirements table (Schedule 2) has been updated to reflect these changes.

    Does the CPP apply to all of Council’s functions?

    The CPP only applies to planning functions. Other exhibition requirements, for example draft Plans of Management are exhibited under the Local Government Act 1993.

    How can I provide a comment?

    We are currently receiving feedback on the new plan.

    All submissions received will be reviewed. Any necessary changes will be made to the final CPP which will be presented to Council on 18 November 2019. 

    Comments can be sent to Council up until the 23 October 2019.

    You can submit your comments via the Feedback Tab


    Mail: The General Manager Locked Bag 8821 Wollongong DC NSW 2500

    Email: records@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

    How will my feedback on the new CPP be used?

    All feedback received will be used to inform changes or refinements to The Plan, before it is reported to Council for endorsement.