What is a Planning Proposal?

    Wollongong Local Environmental Plan (WLEP 2009) is a legal document which guides development and land use within the Wollongong Local Government Area. The LEP states whether development:

    • Is permissible on the land;
    • Is subject to specific restrictions, including controls on height, minimum land area, floor space, heritage, acid sulphate soils, flooding etc.;
    • Requires the consent of Council.

    A request to amend what is in the LEP, such as the zoning of land, the development standards applying to land, or the permitted land uses, is known as a Planning Proposal and is undertaken through the Gateway process under NSW government planning legislation. 

    Council or a Government Agency can initiate a Planning Proposal based on a strategic direction or policy, or a landowner may request Council to consider an amendment.  View Council’s Planning Proposal Policy.

    What is proposed for the former Corrimal Coke Works site?

    The proposal requests the rezoning of the site from IN3 Heavy Industrial and RE2 Private Recreation, to a mix of R3 Medium Density Residential and RE1 Public Recreation.

    The proposal is also seeking changes to the floor space ratio, minimum lot sizes and building height limit. This will allow medium density residential development to occur on the site including apartments, townhouses and terraces.

    How and when will a decision be made?

    Following the public exhibition period and further consultation, the Planning Proposal will be assessed taking into account all stakeholder submissions.

    The Post Exhibition Report will be considered at a Council meeting where Councillors will make a decision about the Planning Proposal.

    Subject to the outcome, it will then be forwarded to the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment for finalisation and amendment of the Wollongong Local Environmental Plan.

    When can I provide a comment on the Proposal?

    Council will formally seek the views of the community during the public exhibition period. We will advise how you can provide feedback to that process through this site, on social media and in local newspapers. Residents living in proximity to the site will be notified by mail.

    We are currently receiving submissions regarding the proposal, all of which will be considered in the assessment of the Planning Proposal. 

    You can submit your comments via one of the following ways:

    What is the background to this Proposal?

    The Coke Works operated for over 100 years and was central to the establishment of the suburb of Corrimal. It ceased operation in 2014. 

    In April 2018 Council endorsed the Planning Proposal to go to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for Gateway Determination.

    In August 2018 the NSW Department of Planning and Environment gave Gateway Approval to the Proposal subject to the applicant undertaking further studies and consultation.

    What stage is the Planning Proposal at now?

    On 1 November 2021 Council resolved to finalise the Planning Proposal.  On 29 April 2022 the NSW Department of Planning and Environment finalised Wollongong Local Environmental Plan 2009 (Amendment 50).  The site has now been rezoned to R3 Medium Density Residential and RE1 Public Recreation, with a maximum building height limit of 15 metres (4 storeys), maximum floor space ratio of 1.5:1, inclusion on the Urban Release Area Map, inclusion as a Key Site and limitations on retail development.

    The rezoning process and amendment of the Wollongong Local Environmental Plan 2009 is a lengthy and rigorous process.

    Council resolved to start the preparation of a draft Planning Proposal at its meeting 3 April 2018, subject to a number of recommendations. 

    The draft Planning Proposal was then referred to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway Determination.

    Council received a Gateway Determination from the Department of Planning and Environment 20 August 2018, requesting the completion of a number of studies prior to public exhibition including:

    • An Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment;
    • A conservation management plan that provides for the long term conservation of significant coke work heritage components;
    • A revised flood study (including flood modelling);
    • A Geomorphological report;
    • A revised ecological assessment;
    • A revised traffic impact assessment; and
    • A revised remediation action plan.

    These studies have been completed by the proponent, and are available during the exhibition.

    On 29 June 2020, Council resolved to progress a heritage amendment to the Wollongong LEP 2009 as a separate process to the rezoning Planning Proposal. The heritage amendment (Amendment 46) was notified on 11 September 2020, listing part of the site as Local Heritage item in Wollongong LEP 2009.

    On 26 October 2020, Council considered a detailed report on a revised Master Plan, draft Planning Proposal and draft DCP Chapter. Council resolved to defer the draft Planning Proposal for the site for six months to enable the plans to be revised to reflect the reduced development density.

    On 19 April 2021, Council resolved to place a revised draft Planning Proposal, draft Development Control Plan and draft Planning Agreement Letter of Offer on public exhibition for community feedback.