Why have you selected these locations for summer parking management?

    In recent years, we’ve gathered data on visitation to our popular recreation and foreshore areas so we know where our local community and visitors love to spend time during summer. We’ve also done some studies on what suitable measures can be implemented. These are locations where we can safely implement a range of options (specific to location) to help ease the high parking demands.

    Will the proposed changes to parking be made permanent?

    No. The parking changes will be temporarily implemented over the summer period in 2023/24 when we know that parking demands at these locations increase significantly.  

    We expect that some of the road infrastructure will stay on site after Summer 2023/24, e.g. some directional signs (such as beach parking), and the formalising of the Port Kembla lower-level carpark (asphalt and line marking).

    What will happened after summer in 2023/24?

    The changes are being implemented as part of the Summer Foreshore Parking Strategy. After March 2024, the temporary parking measures will be returned to their current status. We’ll review their impact to determine whether it is something we can consider again in the future for high demand parking periods.

    Where can I see hardcopy versions of the plans?

    You can come along to our pop-up information stand. You can also visit Customer Service at 41 Burelli St, Wollongong or pop into any Wollongong City Libraries branch. 

    Where can I found out more about the improvements to pedestrian and cycling safety in the Wollongong foreshore area?

    Please check out this page to learn more about the proposed pedestrian and cycling improvements.