What is the Illawarra Escarpment Mountain Bike Concept Plan?

    The Illawarra Escarpment mountain bike concept plan aims to provide a trail network that is fit-for-purpose for the mountain bike community whilst respecting natural heritage, cultural heritage, other trail users, suburban intersections and recognises that the trail network occurs on sensitive environmental lands.

    The previous version of the Concept Plan (from 2018) can be found here:


    Is the Concept Plan final? What will happen with my feedback?

    The Concept Plan is a draft. Feedback from the community and environmental assessments will be used to prepare a Final Concept Plan. Later, the Concept Plan and Environmental Impact Statement will go on Public Exhibition for the community to view and provide comments. 

    Why is the proposed trail network different from the previous Draft Illawarra Escarpment Mountain Bike Strategy?

    Community feedback on the previous Draft Illawarra Escarpment Mountain Bike Strategy highlighted the community and cultural importance of Mount Keira. The trail network has been adjusted in response to that feedback, to limit trails on Mount Keira and shift them to more appropriate locations on the escarpment.

    Who is responsible for the delivery of the Concept Plan?

    NPWS and Council have joint responsibility and are working together to deliver the Concept Plan. Some aspects of the Concept Plan are the responsibility of Council, such as parking, trail access, traffic management and pathways whilst other aspects are the responsibility of NPWS, such as trail design and leadership of the Mountain Bike Advisory Group.

    Why are you only talking to a limited group of people? When will the community have the chance to view the Concept Plan?

    At this stage in the development of the Concept Plan, we are talking to community members directly impacted by proposed changes to the trail network (i.e. 'street level' impacts) to get their feedback and ideas, using local knowledge. The broader community will have a chance to view and comment on the Concept Plan and Environmental Impact Statement later, when they go on public exhibition.