School Holidays and FOGO

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School Holidays and FOGO

FOGO is a fantastic way to take care of all the peels, scraps and leftovers from the kids’ snacks, especially during school holidays! Here are a few FOGO-savvy ideas to keep in mind over the break:

  • All food is for FOGO – leftover pizza and take away, chips, biscuits, even lollies are fine for FOGO. Just make sure to remove any plastic wrappers and put this in your soft plastic recycling.
  • Emptying the FOGO kitchen caddy is an easy chore for kids. Encourage them to be in charge of taking full compostable bags out to the green-lidded organic bin to do their bit around the house and for the environment.
  • For activity days when the kids are out and about consider sending them with snacks in a re-useable plastic container, any peels crusts and leftovers can be sent home in the containers and popped into the kitchen caddy.
  • Spring time is the perfect time of year to talk about how FOGO and compost turns into nutrient-rich soil for gardens. It’s easy to start a few seeds at home, even for a window box garden. Check out the school holiday programs offered at Wollongong Botanic Gardens and the UOW Early Start Discovery Space to offer young one’s opportunities to interact with nature and learn about the environment.

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