What is a skate path?


    A skate path is a purpose-built skate facility with obstacles placed along an elongated path, featuring elements such as quarterpipes, ledges, flat rails, jump ramps and manual pads.

    Skate paths are suitable for all skill levels and provide localised opportunities for skating. In contrast to large skate parks, they do not have to take up an excessive amount of space and can be integrated into the existing park surrounds.

    The proposed location of the skate path next to the cricket field is designed to minimise conflict with other park users, and to minimise disturbance to surrounding residents. Co-location with playground helps to ensure responsible behaviour and clear line of site to Military Road. The skate path will be physically separated from the playground by planting of trees and shrubs.

    The final design of new skate path will be developed in conjunction with local residents and construction works undertaken by expert skate facility professionals.

    What are the proposed improvements for sport?

    A new contemporary sports amenity facility is planned.  

    The larger facility will be designed to service the growth in sports. It will be repositioned between the senior cricket oval and football field, providing dual access to both codes. The new facility will incorporate new gender equitable change rooms, canteen, clubroom and storage for both cricket and football use.

    This facility will also incorporate new compliant public toilets servicing all park patrons.

    It is also proposed that the existing carpark will be formalised (including asphalt, line marking, trees etc) providing improved car parking and accessibility.

    Image: Example of contemporary sporting amenities.

    What playground facilities are proposed in the draft master plan?

    Example:  Slide Hill on Governors Island, New York 

    Port Kembla has a number of smaller local level playgrounds targeted at younger children. The draft master plan proposes a larger playground that accommodates a broader age range and provides an improved play experience for all.

    An expanded playground on the hill area to the west of existing playground is proposed.  The hill area will become a focus for adventure and nature play opportunities (e.g. major slides, rock scrambles, rope climb) whilst the flat area (current footprint) will accommodate toddler friendly and inclusive play opportunities.

    The design of the playground will be subject to further planning, detailed investigations and subject to budgetary considerations.

    Are there proposed changes to the off-leash area?


    Currently a large area of the hill is designated as an off-leash area.  The draft master plan proposes relocating the off-leash area to an area slightly to the north as shown below. Whilst this area is slightly smaller, it is without constraint and reduces the potential for conflict with other parks users.  

    What are the proposed improvements to the hardcourts?

    The recent repainting of the basketball court has reinvigorated this area of the park.  The second hardcourt is currently used by some members of the community for learning to skate and ride their bikes.

    Community engagement with residents in October 2020 found that some residents preferred formalising this area as a second hardcourt for the casual playing of games.

    The draft master plan proposes that the second hardcourt would be formalised as a multi games facility catering for outdoor futsal and basketball etc. A review of the current configuration found that reinstating a fence around both courts would support this activity by limiting balls going on to the road.  This fence could incorporate public art.

    The upgraded hardcourts will be supported by additional seating and landscaping to improve user amenity.

    Are the paths in the Draft Master Plan accessible for people with disabilities?

    An extensive path network has been devised as a key initiative to improve accessibility for all residents and connectivity between areas within the park.  Key features include:

    • Construction of perimeter shared accessway as part of the regional transport network and for recreational pursuits
    • New accessible paths supporting less mobile residents, people with prams, children and young persons who use bikes, skateboards etc
    • New pedestrian links providing direct access between upper hill area to beach and playground.

    A number of potential pedestrian crossing points between park and residential area/school along Military Parade/Pool beach area have also been identified.  Further detailed investigations are required to determine the preferred outcome.

    What are the plans for the pool forecourt?

    Port Kembla pool and beach are popular swimming locations, which are frequented by both locals and visitors. The Draft Master Plan proposes the configuration of the pool carpark and forecourt area, to better cater to residents and visitors, reduce conflict between pedestrians and cars, provide additional picnic and barbeque facilities and improve disability access.

    Why do I need to book to attend an information session?

    This is to ensure we can remain Covid safe. Thank you for your understanding.  If you would like to attend an information session, please either ring (02) 4227 7238 or email C&CSAdmin@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.  The information sessions will be held at the Port Kembla Pool Meeting Room on:

    • Thursday 18 February from 10am-12noon, or
    • Saturday 20 February from 11am-1pm. 

    When will we see the ideas in the Draft Master Plan implemented?

    The draft master plan is a long-term vision for the enhancement King George V Park.  Components of the master plan have been carefully designed to allow the independent staging of works overtime in accordance with priorities and available budgets.  

    A range of external funding opportunities will also be explored for the different stages of works, including Federal and State grants.