1. Who owns the land and infrastructure around Lake Illawarra?

    Various State Government agencies, as well as Wollongong City and Shellharbour City councils and private landowners currently manage land and infrastructure around Lake Illawarra. An overview is provided on this map.

    Prior to July 2014 the Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) assisted in the management of the Lake Illawarra foreshore public lands and infrastructure.

    When it was disbanded in July 2014 the Lake Illawarra Estuary Management Committee was formed by both councils to strategically plan and manage the health and protection of the lake.

    2. Why do we need a Coastal Management Program?

    The NSW Government requires all coastal councils in NSW to prepare Coastal Management Programs (CMPs) in accordance with State Government policies and guidelines. CMPs replace Coastal Zone Management Plans. The Lake Illawarra CMP will be one of the first CMPs produced under the new guidelines.

    A CMP ensures that the values of the community, Councils, State Government, and stakeholders are incorporated into a management plan to guide the present and future actions on the lake. It aims to protect and enhance the health of the Lake, with consideration to the values and threats identified by various stakeholders. Essentially, the CMP is an overarching document to coordinate efforts between different bodies to ensure the Lake is preserved for the future.

    Once a CMP is endorsed by the State Government it will also make applying for funds for projects around the lake more likely to succeed.

    3. Will this plan consider the Lake becoming a recreational fishing haven?

    Fishing is managed by DPI Fisheries.  Broadly, Marine Estate Management is being considered through a separate process by the Marine Estate Management Authority. 

    Recommended management actions in the plan could certainly be related to fishing (recreational and/or commercial) but it would be up to DPI Fisheries and the relevant management processes to make changes to the policy.

    4. Who do I call about day to day issues?

    Any queries or concerns about day to day management issues in or around the lake should be directed to the relevant local council or other government agency as per usual.

    Wollongong City Council  Customer Service number: 4227 7111

    Shellharbour City Council Customer Service number: 4221 6111