What is a criterium track?

    A closed-loop cycling course on an asphalt road that isn’t open to traffic. It offers the community a safe place to ride bikes on a road surface.This is an example of what a criterium track looks like: 

    The Lindsay Mayne Park Precinct Plan shows an aerial view (looking down from high above) of what the proposed track and surrounding area will look like.

    Why is a criterium track being built?

    There has been an increase in people cycling for sport and recreation in Wollongong. Through the Wollongong Cycling Strategy 2030, we’re committed to providing people with opportunities to ride, train and race safely. The criterium track will provide a safe and dedicated cycling track away from cars and other vehicles, for riders of all ages and abilities.  It will also provide a purpose-built facility for Wollongong to support training and host bicycle racing events. In the past, some race events have been held on existing road networks such as Flagstaff Hill. A criterium track will allow our Wollongong to host safe cycling events locally, as well as being a dedicated cycling facility for the community to use.

    Why will it be built in Lindsay Maynes Park?

    We looked at several sites in our Local Government Area and assessed these against some criteria, which are standards for deciding what location would be most suitable.  These criteria included industry standards and requirements, how the land can be used and accessibility to the site. Following this process, Lindsay Mayne Park was chosen. Lindsay Maynes Park is next to the existing Unanderra Velodrome, so having a criterium track alongside that facility is ideal.

    Who can use the criterium track?

    The track will be open to all members of the community, free and available for public use.  It can be used by riders of all ages and abilities and is suitable for bicycles, roller skates and scooters.

    Who designed the track?

    Council design and engineering staff. We’ve looked at many other criterium tracks in NSW and across Australia and followed AusCycling’s best-practice standards and technical requirements. AusCycling are the national governing body for bicycle racing in Australia. We’ve considered the location and layout, safety, access and how the site will be used. We also spoke to staff from other Councils who have designed and built criterium tracks to learn from their experience. Local cycling representatives and groups also provided input into the design.

    Can I walk or jog on the track?

    It will be a dedicated track for cyclists. To ensure the safety of people using the track, walking and running will not be encouraged unless required for a specific purpose, e.g. if you are helping a child learning to ride a bike.

    I’m not an elite or professional cyclist. Will it be safe for me to use?

    The track is designed for people of all ages, skill and fitness levels, so whether you’re a competitive rider, social rider or new rider, you can use the track safely. It will not be open to other vehicles you’d normally find on public roads, such as cars and motorbikes. These are the safety features in the design:

    • Most of the track is 6-metres wide to allow for safe overtaking and multiple riders.
    • There is clear visibility across the site for track users, spectators and others,
    • The pedestrian footpath is around the perimeter (outside) of the track so people don’t have to walk across the track.
    • For riders, the track includes overrun, which is extra space along the edges of the track.

    Once open, there will be guidelines for people using the track to make sure it’s safe and accessible for all. 

    What is the Lindsay Maynes Park Precinct Plan?

    A precinct plan provides a longer term vision for a specific space or area. It can guide what is built, planted or created in the space over several years. The Lindsay Maynes Precinct Plan shows the first stage of works that will commence in 2022. It also shows future considerations including parking, pathways and how sporting groups and community can potentially use the space in the future.

    What works are planned and when will they happen?

    Before works start, we’ll use the feedback we’re gathering now to make any changes needed to the draft Precinct Plan and finish the design. The first stage of works are expected to start early in 2022.

    These include:

    • Criterium track.
    • New kerb, gutter and pavement along Factory Road to formalise the parallel parking
    • New shared pathway linking the existing shared path on the Princes Highway to the criterium track.
    • New fencing and emergency access along Factory Road.
    • Minor improvements to the existing amenities building on site, including a linking footpath to Factory Road.
    • Tree plantings to provide shade, increase the number of trees in the area and make it look nice.

    We’ll keep the community informed as we progress and notify those near the site when works are due to start, closer to the date.

    What’s planned for the existing trees in the park?

    The condition of all trees in the park were assessed as part of developing the plan. Some will need to be removed due to their condition or position. For each tree that is removed, our Urban Greening tree-planting team will replant two more that are suitable for the area. Several of the large trees will remain and be protected during the works.

    What about parking?

    New pavement and kerb and guttering will be installed to formalise parallel parking at the front of the park The parking will be the same as  it is in front of the playground on Factory Road. 

    For any scheduled event days hosted by cycling clubs, participants and spectators will be encouraged to use parking at the Velodrome. Our design includes a shared path that links the highway to the precinct (area) to encourage people to ride there to use the track. 

    How will my feedback be used?

    At the conclusion of the engagement period all feedback is included in a report provided to the project team for consideration.