What is a mobile skate park?

    A mobile skate park is a portable facility that can be periodically rotated to different sites across Wollongong.  

    Flat areas are required for mobile skate parks. Typically, flat areas are required such as hardcourts, car parks or flat parks and reserves.  The types of features and materials used in mobile skate parks will determine where the mobile skate park can be sited.

    Why is Council purchasing a mobile skate park?

    We know how popular skate parks are with the younger members of our community. Council has received many requests for skate parks across the local government area. Unfortunately they take a long time to plan and deliver.  A mobile skate park allows Council to provide safe, affordable and timely opportunities for skating to meet this need.

    What will the mobile skate park look like?

    Suppliers of mobile skate parks can build a variety of features, depending on the budget and requests of the purchaser.

    Council will buy modular equipment that is designed to be easily relocated, and durable for skating in our coastal environment.

    Your feedback will help Council decide what equipment to purchase.

    How will Council select the features for this mobile skate park?

    We want to ask the community what types of skate facility they like.

    Your feedback will help Council decide what equipment to purchase.

    When will be mobile skate park be available?

    We will start the purchasing process after reviewing the community feedback. Our aim is to finalise the purchase of the skate park and have it installed in in the first location by January 2024.

    Where will the mobile skate park be located and how long will it stay in each location?

    We hope to rotate the mobile skate park to a new location every 3 months.  We will let the community know before each relocation.

    Who will be able to use the mobile skate park?

    The mobile skate facility will be designed for basic to intermediate level users.

    When will a permanent skate park be built in Thirroul and the Wollongong?

    Council aims to commence construction of the Wollongong Skate Park in mid 2024, and Thirroul during early 2025.

    Will the Port Kembla Community Skate Park still go ahead?

    The Port Kembla Chamber of Commerce has secured funding for a new local level skate park.  Wollongong Council is assisting the Chamber in planning and design for this facility.

    What can the community comment on and what happens to my feedback?

    The survey shows several options we can purchase within our budget.  We would like your feedback on each option.  Rate each option 1-4, with 1 for your favourite and 4 for your least favourite option.