Why do we need more event sites?

    Council has adopted an Event Strategy which aims to facilitate more events at Wollongong because of the economic, cultural and community benefits they bring. Council has already approved several Generic Event sites on various sites around Wollongong. This has allowed event organisers to benefit from a more streamlined event process.

    The new sites are based on a combination of Councillor and Council staff recommendations, community interest and industry interest. Some proposed sites aim to facilitate the continuation of smaller scale community events, while other sites aim to encourage increased usage for events.

    What is a generic event DA?

    The temporary use of land for an event requires among other approvals and licences, Council approval with a Development Application. A Generic Event DA is an application to allow events in general on parks around the City. This way individual events can benefit from a more streamlined approval process, while still ensuring events are well run and managed. Consents for approved Generic Event sites include conditions relating to traffic, noise, hours of operation, capacity etc. Compliance is confirmed as part of the streamlined approval process.

    What type of events will be held at each site?

    Each event site is different. Some sites can hold large events, and some are more appropriate for smaller scale community events. Council has developed a Tiered approach to events (see attachment). Restrictions on events of certain Tiers will be placed on event sites. For example, Stuart Park has consent for up to 3 x tier 1 events, 6 x tier 2 events, 8 x tier 3 events and no restriction on tier 4 events. However, the Arts Precinct does not allow any tier 1 or 2 events and allows 8 x tier 3 events with no restriction on tier 4 events. This is reflective of the size of the event sites, the possible impact on neighbours, and the amenities available

    What sites are being considered?

    The event sites we are looking at are:

    • Wentworth Street Port Kembla
    • King George V Oval, Port Kembla
    • Integral Energy Park
    • JJ Kelly Park
    • Greenhouse Park
    • Thirroul Beach Reserve and Foresore
    • Helensburgh Park
    • Charles Harper Park
    • Rex Jackson Park

    How many events will be allowed at each event site?

    The Wollongong Local Environmental Plan allows a temporary use of land for a maximum of 52 days in any 12 month period.

    Can I visit any of the information sessions to find out more about the potential event site near me?

    Yes, you can visit any of the sessions and talk to the Council Officers about the site/s you are interested in.

    How can I share my opinion?

    There are many ways you can provide your thoughts. You may wish to fill out a survey online or in person, either at your local Council library or at one of our pop-up information sessions. You may also wish to provide us with information verbally at one of our pop-up sessions.

    When does the Survey close?

    You can submit your comments via the survey up until the closing date on Friday 20 March 2020.

    What will happen to my comments?

    All community comments, whether in person at one of the information sessions or by taking the survey, will be reviewed by Council staff and inform the details for the Development Applications we will lodge.  Your feedback will help us determine the number of events of each tier, the hours and any other restrictions we may need to include for the proposed sites.

    When will a decision be made about the sites?

    Following a review of the community feedback, Council staff will prepare a generic event development application for each event site and submit it following the Development Application process.

    Each application will be assessed on its individual merit based on Council’s relevant plans and policies, including notification/advertising in accordance with Council’s Community Participation Plan. The applications will be referred to relevant internal and external specialists. Following a thorough assessment of each application, a recommendation will be put to the Wollongong Local Planning Panel, a fully independent panel, who will ultimately be responsible for issuing a determination.

    The DA process will usually take a few months. Once a decision is made, the determination will be published on Council’s website.

    How will you ensure events using the generic event approvals will be well managed?

    Council will have a variety of measures in place to ensure events are well managed. All events which benefit from the generic approvals will still be required to lodge an event application with Council’s specialists Events Team. Council’s staff will liaise directly with event holders and any relevant stakeholders, and ensure events are consistent with any required conditions. In addition, Council’s events team will facilitate any additional requirements for event holders including licencing to occupy Council or Crown Land, approvals for certain activities to take place, and approval for any road closures or changes.