Why is the amenities block being replaced?

    The Park was originally provided with two amenities blocks. One was demolished as it was in very poor condition and repairs were impractical. The remaining amenities block is aging, run down and doesn’t meet current standards. It also needs to be relocated to an area of the park that is closer to the children’s playground and car park. 

    What amenities improvements are proposed?

    The design for the new amenities block is for a modern, wheelchair accessible, unisex facility. It will automatically self-clean after each use. It includes a baby change table and a new accessible pathway from the car park to the new facility. As it is being relocated, some underground services such as water, stormwater, electricity and sewer will need to be connected to the new facility. The old amenities block site will be remediated and landscaped to make it look nice and suit the rest of the park.

    What other upgrades are proposed?

    The footpaths will be renewed and kid’s cycleway signage will be installed along it. It will also be line marked. The two pathways from the shared path to the car park and driveway entrance will be replaced with turf. A new pathway will be constructed between the footpath ring and car park, closer to the picnic facilities, playground and amenities. It will have a new bin installed, with a dog waste bag dispenser. One of the picnic tables will be relocated to better fit in with the relocated amenities and new pathway. New seats will be installed in a paved area next to the playground and shade trees will be planted in this spot. The area around the playground will be upgraded and we’ll also put in a bubbler that is central to people using the playground, picnic table and shared path. Additional car barriers will be installed near the playground to improve pedestrian safety. An accessible parking space will be added to the car park.

    When will works commence?

    It is anticipated that works on the footpath are expected to commence later this year and the amenities block will be constructed during 2018 financial year. 

    Will I be able to use the playground during the works?

    You will still be able to access the playground throughout most of the construction period, except when the upgrade works around the playground are under way.

    Will there be any toilet facilities while the new amenities block is constructed?

    The existing toilet facility and a portable public toilet will be available while the new facility is being constructed. The old facility will be demolished once the new one is in place. 

    Will I still be able to access the car park and tennis courts during the works?

    Yes, although works crews may take up some parking spaces for vehicles and equipment. Traffic management will be in place during construction and pedestrian routes will be safely rerouted.

    What has been taken into account during the design of the project?

    Community safety and security principles, to ensure that the new amenities block is safe, visible and opportunities for anti-social behaviour are minimised. Accessibility standards, architecture and finishes, and maintenance considerations have also been factored into the design.

    How can I have my say?

    Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on the proposed design until 10 April 2017. A feedback form is available from Customer Service Centre, or Wollongong and Corrimal Libraries. You can also submit feedback online, email engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au or phone 02 4227 7111.