What is being upgraded?

    The existing picnic shelters are very weathered and require upgrading. Improving these facilities will help to encourage visitors and locals to use the area.

    Council is proposing to build a footpath along the foreshore in Galvin Park. The path will link to the children’s playground car park and will improve pedestrian access to the shelters. A further wheelchair accessible pathway is planned to link to the disability parking spaces and this will improve wheelchair access to the picnic shelters.

    What will the new shelters include?

    The shelter will be constructed from timber, stone clad plinths and marine grade stainless steel fittings. The roof will be made from corrosion resistant materials. Two shelters will contain community barbeque facilities, the remaining five will house modern shelter furniture

    As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to support local manufacturing, Council will endeavour to use local products where practicable.

    What has been taken into account during the design of this project?

    • Community safety and security
    • Heritage issues
    • Wheelchair accessibility
    • Environmental sustainability

    A review of environmental effects will be conducted to identify any further site considerations.

    What can I expect during construction?

    Access to a small area of the park will be restricted during construction. However access to the beach will be maintained throughout the project.

    Hours of construction will be 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 4:00pm Saturday. Construction works are subject to weather conditions.

    Works are planned for the winter months of 2016 to minimise inconvenience to park users. The construction site will be located off road so it will not affect road users. There will be a construction compound near the site and one parking space may be required for storage of equipment. 

    The shelters are popular facilities with high usage.  To reduce the impact of construction activities on park users the shelters will be upgraded in pairs. During this time, the remaining shelters will be available for use. 

    How long will the work take and when will it start?

    The replacement of the shelters and construction of footpaths will happen at the same time.

    The work is anticipated to commence in June/July 2016 and will take approximately 8 weeks to complete, subject to weather conditions. 

    Are there any other projects underway nearby?

    In the first half of 2016 there are a number of upcoming improvement projects scheduled for nearby Stuart Park including:

    • The construction of an elevated boardwalk and footpath linking Squires Way shared path to the newly replaced children’s playground.
    • Relocating and replacing the existing amenities block.
    • The implementation of additional disability parking spaces, adjacent to the accessible pathway.

    How can I comment on the proposed JP Galvin Park upgrade?

    Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on the proposed design until 16 November 2015.

    A feedback form is available at the Wollongong Council Customer Service Centre or Wollongong Library and on the Council website:


    If you have any concerns or questions about the planned works you can contact Council by:


    If you have further questions phone: 42 27 7111.