Why are we planning to construct a footpath?

    Residents have requested the path to improve pedestrian access in the area. The Ridge provides a key pedestrian link between the train station, Helensburgh CBD, and schools. This path will improve safety and accessibility for people.

    What has been considered in the design and planned construction?

    ‘The design considers 

    • community safety and security

    • pedestrian accessibility

    • environmental factors.

      The design includes new concrete footpath, kerb and gutter, retaining walls and balustrade. The new kerb will separate traffic, including buses and pedestrians. 

      There are several power poles along the route which will impact the width of the path, generally the path will be widened around these poles. Some poles may need to be relocated, to achieve a minimum path width.      


    Why the footpath is located on the western side?

    The proposed side has a fairly flat area off to the side of the road pavement and long sections of existing kerb to build the path behind. The other side of the road has minimal area between the edge of road pavement and numerous steep banks and driveways.

    Why wasn’t the State Land along section 1 developed in the past?

    The Crown Land was subdivided into smaller lots in the 1986. These lots were formally declared as part of the Garrawarra State Conservation Area in 1987. The land is zone as national park and remains in the ownership of the National Parks and Wildlife Service as part of the Garrawarra State Conservation Area.

    Have environmental and heritage issues been considered?

    A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is being undertaken and will be considered to ensure that the design and construction do not have any negative environmental impacts.

    Will the Ridge be closed during construction?

    To ensure the safety of all road users and workers we will have a traffic management plan in place during the construction phase. There will be a range of traffic management controls implemented including barrier fencing, reduced speeds signage and traffic controllers. There may be times where access will be restricted, and some parking restrictions may also be in place.

    Why are we closing off the driveways?

    To ensure a smooth path, as it runs along the back of the kerb. Removing the driveways also improves safety for pedestrians as it becomes harder for a vehicle to drive up onto the new footpath.

    When will construction begin on Stage 1 and 2?

    Construction of Stage 1 and 2 is planned to begin in July 2020 and subject to good weather take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete.

    When will construction begin on Stage 3?

    Before finalising the design for Stage 3 we will come back to residents whose properties front this section and discuss the proposed path location and any associated retaining walls. The exact construction timing will be determined once the design has been completed.

    How can I provide comments?

    For more information or to provide your comments, please contact us by visiting Councils website, emailing or phone us.