Tell me more about West Dapto Suburb Review

    Why is Council creating new suburbs in West Dapto?

    West Dapto is the fastest growing residential area in New South Wales outside the Sydney region. Over the next few decades the area will have around 19,500 homes with an additional population of around 56,500 people.  Some of the existing suburbs are now too large to represent the new and /or envisaged residential areas and need to be split into smaller suburbs.

    How does Council create the new suburbs?

    The Geographical Names Board of NSW (GNB) provides guidelines for defining new suburb boundaries that Council will follow to determine the new suburb boundaries.

    We understand the historical significance of Avondale, Kembla Grange and Huntley and are consulting with heritage officers to find a ‘best fit’ with the GNB criteria and our local history. 

    Where can I find more information?

    Wollongong Council Community Engagement 

    Geographical Names Board of NSW

    What happens next?

    Council is required to follow the GNB guidelines and has mapped the new suburbs according to these guidelines. The maps will be submitted to the GNB with the new proposed suburb names. 

    Maps of the  new suburbs are available to view at 

    How can I be involved?

    As part of the review the new suburbs will need to be named. We are inviting the community to make suggestions about our new West Dapto suburb names. For more information about how you can be involved in naming our new West Dapto suburbs go to 

Naming our new West Dapto Suburbs

    Who names new suburbs?

    The Geographical Names Board of NSW  (GNB) is responsible for naming suburbs in NSW, however Council would like the community to suggest names that we can then take to the GNB for approval.

    What about the names of Avondale, Huntley and Kembla Grange?

    We understand the historical significance of these names and suburbs. We are inviting the community to let us know if these names are still relevant to the West Dapto community. Avondale suburb profile,  Huntley suburb profile and Kembla Grange suburb profile provide more information about the history of these names and suburbs.  

    What’s important when thinking of suburb names?

    • New names should not duplicate an existing place name
    • Local Aboriginal significance 
    • Gender – consider female names
    • Characteristics of the suburb
    • Commemorative person
    • Be appropriate to relevant local cultural or historical influences in the region
    • Be appropriate to relevant local natural influences in the region
    • Be easy to read, spell and pronounce
    • Not be offensive or likely to cause offence
    • Not be a company or business name

    Who will get to have input into the new names?

    We are inviting all the community to suggest names for the new West Dapto suburbs. Once the submission period is closed, a working group of community organisations and groups who have local knowledge and expertise around place naming will assess the suggested names against the GNB NSW Place Name Policy to create a short list. The working group will have representatives from our Aboriginal, Heritage and Dapto communities. Any Aboriginal language names will be reviewed by members of our Aboriginal community. 

    How will the final names be decided?

    The process will be:

    • Working group will review all suggested names
    • Working group will submit shortlist to Council
    • Council will review the list and submit to the GNB for informal approval
    • The reviewed shortlist will then go to Council for public exhibition. 
    • A review committee made up of the Lord Mayor, Councillors and Council officers will make a recommendation to Council regarding the preferred suburb names. 
    • After considering community feedback, Council will submit the preferred names to the GNB for final approval.
    • GNB will place the proposed names on public exhibition.
    • Council will then endorse the new suburb names

    When will the new suburb names come into effect?

    We expect that the new suburb names will come into effect in early to mid-2021. Keep up to date with the project at 

    What happens once a decision is made?

    Some homes will experience a change of address if they are within a new suburb. Further information will be provided about the next steps to take once the new suburbs have been approved by the GNB and endorsed by Council.

    How can I get involved?

    There are three points where you can have your say with the new West Dapto suburb names. 

    1. Suggest a suburb name by:

    • Visiting and let us know your idea
    • Collect a feedback form from Council’s Customer Service team at 41 Burelli St Wollongong or Dapto Library 93-109 Princes Highway Dapto and return in person or email to 
    • Visit us at Dapto Mall on Saturday 14th March 2020 from 12-2pm.  
    • Attend a drop-in information session at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre on Tuesday 17th March 1-3pm

    2. Provide feedback when the short list is on public exhibition:

    3. Provide feedback when the GNB has the short list on public exhibition. 

    • Go to the GNB website to have your say

    Where can I get more information?

    Wollongong Council Community Engagement 

    Geographical Names Board of NSW